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Reusable Packaging Software: A Smarter Choice for a Cleaner World


REUSO helps food and beverage operators transition away from disposables using technology, in an effort to make a positive impact on their customers and the environment.

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Food Operations

Corporate and Museum Campuses, Universities, Hospitals, Stadiums, Restaurants & More

Our B2B and B2C software offerings can be catered towards open or closed loop environments. Transition to reusables with confidence!

If you are a business with washing needs, please email [email protected] with WASH in the subject.

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REUSO Answers: Why Reusables?

22 million pounds

of plastic pollutions ends up in the Great Lakes each year

- Alliance for the Great Lakes

50% of the


tons of plastic produced every year is single-use; that's equivalent to the weight of Earth's entire population

- National Resources Defense Council


estimated increase in consumption of single-use plastics since the start of COVID-19.

- International Solid Waste Foundation

Replacing just 20% of single-use plastic packaging with reusables offers the food service industry a savings opportunity of $10B.

- International Solid Waste Foundation

Our Impact


disposables saved from landfills


of CO2 prevented


of waste prevented

Climate Champion Award Win

REUSO was the recipient of the Chicago Innovation's 2022 first-ever Champion Award!

REUSO was born from our passion to reduce single-use waste.

We combine decades of management and tech implementation experience, to design a platform capable of scaling reusables. Today we have partners and allies who, like us, are driven to better the environment.

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Grab your next meal at the Lincoln Park Zoo in a REUSO container and hear the lions roar!


REUSO had the honor of ringing the opening bell with fellow Chicago Innovation Award attendees. As climate innovators, REUSO is challenging the status quo to help businesses - small and large - reduce their overall packaging while promoting conservation and a cleaner planet for generations to come

ABC7 caught up with us at one of our pilot partners, Blue Food Company, to discuss how REUSO helps restaurants save money and the planet while appealing to their eco conscious consumers.

Wild Onion

Head over to Wild Onion Brewery to try REUSO for your takeout or leftovers!

REUSO - Shedd

Businesses that signed up for Let's Shedd Plastic in 2023 were offered REUSO starter kits, including the first month of software for free. Thank you for your partnership and support, Shedd Aquarium!

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REUSO was the recipient of Chicago Innovation's 2022 first-ever Climate Champion Award!


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